Advice to my Freshman Year Self

The end of college means a lot of things. Most of those things are too traumatic for me to even think about; you know, like making money, getting an apartment, succeeding a work, finding love and staying in touch with friends…yeah, no biggie!


Before stress kicks in, remember the end is always a good time to reflect on the beginning. In this instance, I am referring to college seniors, like myself, reflecting on their freshman  years.


The reason it’s important to take this time to reflect is because four years ago you were a different version of yourself. As each year passed, we’ve grown, developed and, hopefully, matured. We might have even changed or altered in unexpected ways, which is normal.


People always say college is where you find yourself and even if you didn’t set out to ‘find yourself’ you were finding yourself little by little, day after day, without even realizing it.


^that’s because no one can recognize you anymore, Kylie! You have a totally different face…


Maybe my change wasn’t as drastic as 18 year old Kylie versus 17 year old Kylie, but I’ve definitely seen changes in myself. Therefore, this post is dedicated to the advice my senior self, 22 years old, would give my freshman year self, a mere 18 year old girl.


Freshman me may not like what she hears, but it’s certainly some of the things I wish I knew back in 2012.


^too bad, I’m gonna tell you anyways!!!

Advice Senior Me gives Freshman Me:



  1. The Freshman 15 is real. Beware of dining halls and a variety of unhealthy food choices available to you 24/7 without the surveillance of a mom who steers you in the right direction (aka good, healthy choices!)
  2. Shots aren’t mandatory! There are other ways to drink and get drunk. You can make yourself a mixed drink, girl! Take a shot of vodka, put it in a red solo cup, add some seltzer and a splash of cranberry. It takes better, you can sip it like a lady, get little buzz and save your dignity.
  3. Life exists off-campus. It’s easy to get accustomed to your ritual, but remember there’s a city out there that you should explore. These are experiences you don’t want to miss out on. Restaurants, museums, parks, theater, you name it and I’m sure it’s out there.
  4. There’s more to college than going out. Sure, going out is fun and a good way to meet people, but it’s not the end all. If you have your group of friends, whether it be just girls, just boys, or co-ed, there’s plenty of things you can do that don’t involve partying or drinking. So every once in a while, remember to throw a G-rated night or day in the mix. You’ll thank me for these memories later!
  5. They probably just want sex. Yes, unfortunately this is the reality most of the time. This applies to girls and guys. In fact, if you’re a freshman and he or she is a senior who is only wants to see you Thursday-Saturday after 12 am, you are 10000000% a booty call. Do not be a booty call. Do not settle for middle of the night sex for a person who wouldn’t even acknowledge you on campus.
  6. You’re not finding ‘the one’ at a bar or a nightclub. He or she is NOT there. Well like, let me reword it. He or she may be there, but that’s not where you will have the ‘conversation’ or where you realize you like one another. It’s just not realistic. Clubs/bars be too loud, too many people, too much alcohol and too many distractions. #truth
  7. It’s okay to cry. I cried A LOT freshman year and that’s okay. If you feel it, let it out. Cry because you need to and I promise you will feel a whole lot better afterwards. You don’t always have a reason to cry, but it could sneak up on you at any moment. You are going to go through a lot of emotions freshman year and sometimes crying helps you manage them.
  8. ALWAYS remember to call home. This one’s a biggie. Never forget that you have a family at home who worries about you constantly. They want to hear from you and, even if you can’t admit it, you need to hear their voices as well. So, take time out of your busy week and go somewhere quiet on campus, sit down and call/facetime the fam. It’ll make their day!
  9. Go to class. If you don’t class, how will you find out what interests you? How will you find out that math is definitely not your thing, but you write like a rockstar? Attendance is important, especially in small discussions. So be present and get the most you can from the classes you’re in. It can only help you in the future.
  10. It’s okay to make mistakes. This is the time to do them. This is the time to mess up. Why? Cause you’re going to learn from it, obviously. Making a mistake as a freshman in college is far different from a mistake you made back at home. Why? Because now, it’s up to you to fix it. Mom and dad aren’t here. This one’s on you. So practice that new found independence and fix your mistake and grow from it.
  11. Breathe. Everything is going to seem like a big deal. It’s probably not; so take a moment to yourself and breathe. Put things in perspective and it will be alright. A lot is going to be thrown out you, so get to know what you can handle and learn how to manage your time better.
  12. Get Involved. Sure, sounds easy. But we are all little lazy and if we don’t jump in now… we never will. So find something that interests you and that you can stick with. Maybe you want to join Greek life, play a club sport, join the dance team or participate in group fitness activities. Find your thing and get involved now!!!
  13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Just know you are going to need help and there are professors and people ALL over your campus who are willing and able to help you. Get help because you cannot do it all alone!!!
  14. All-nighters are not fun! Sure, in movies they look cool and like the totally rad college thing to do. Well, they suck and the next day you’ll hate yourself. So, instead of procrastinating, get your sh*t done in a timely fashion. Be one step ahead of the game rather than ten steps behind. All-nighters are no fun so figure out how to do your work and get sleep….major key alert for college students!
  15. Sloooooooow down. Freshman year is just 1/4 of it all. So get sh*t done, yes, but don’t expect to accomplish it all this year. Set some goals, but make them tangible. As much as you want to get things done, this is a year to adjust, adapt and enjoy. You’re in college, baby!


Welcome to the GOOD LIFE!





  1. The Student Scoop · April 17, 2016

    I definitely relate to this post. Your list of 15 things you wish you could tell your freshman self sounds exactly like what i would tell myself. It’s funny looking back on these past few years and seeing how much my friends and I have grown. I’ve done a lot of reflecting on college these past few days as our final year is coming to a close, it’s been sad realizing that we’ll be leaving GW behind so soon.


  2. Arianna F · April 18, 2016

    I love this! It is SO relatable. I wish that I would have had something like this my freshman year to remind me of what was important and what wasn’t that big of a deal – I could have really used it at some points! Overall though, this is a really nice way to reflect on the past four years and how great they have been, which I have been doing a lot of these past few days as we are getting closer and closer to graduation. It’s really so crazy, I still can’t believe that four years went by so quickly.


  3. Grace M · April 19, 2016

    This is so true! I feel like #3 relates to me so much right now. I keep coming up with new museums, new restaurants, new walks I want to go on, and I only have a month left. Why didn’t I take advantage of this city earlier? Great post!


  4. Eleni · April 20, 2016

    I think every senior right now is reflecting on the past 4 years, and this really sums it up well! I also wish I had some of this advice freshman year, especially 1, 4, and 7. Great stuff!


  5. sarajenis · April 20, 2016

    AMAZING! The tough thing is, everyone experiences college differently so the only way to get the best advice is to listen to yourself 4 years later. But until someone starts cloning people and inventing time machines, it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon. Anyway, ya live and ya learn. Your post is awesome and truly sums up what a freshman should take into account! You go girl!


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