20 Must-EATS before your Graduate

For this post, I’m bringing it back to a topic I know very well- food.


While you might have not known this about me, based on my prior topics, I am a               MAJOR  foodie.

…which means, by definition,


a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. 


^which is sooooo me it’s scary (just ask my friends!)

I believe food is important. It’s a huge part of our culture. It’s a great way to socialize. I don’t know how or why it is, but people connect over food. This is why I think it’s super important to get out there and try new restaurants, new cuisines and try dining with different groups of friends.


Going out to eat is an activity that I would say made up about 75% of my college years. My friends and I aced the DC food and drinks scene over the last four years. We’ve tried more restaurants than I can even count and we’ve shared some of the best conversations over delicious food at places throughout the DMV.


Now, as my senior year is coming to an end, I find it to be a perfect time to disclose some of the best #eeeeeats in the area. I know good food, trust me, and it’s time to share my experiences and let you all in on a world of delicious bites, located right here in the Nation’s capitol.


(^Oh, and unlike Olivia Pope, I promise to provide more than just great wines and healthy popcorn brands)

Therefore, below I am listing the 20 MUST-EATS, prior to graduation (or leaving this amazing city!)


^ YUM!

  1. Tropical Paradise Acai Bowl @ Equinox Sports Club (super delicious and refreshing; I recommend ordering it with almond milk, also makes for an awesome food Instagram)
  2. Super Grilled Cheese @ Stoney’s (buttery bread with melted cheese and tomato, onion AND bacon, sounds f**king good to me!)
  3. Patatas Bravas @ Boqueria (you’re going to need like three orders of these, that’s how good they are!)
  4. Vegetable Paella @ Barcelona Wine Bar (actually amazing, so make sure to save room for the paella after eating their delicious tapas!)
  5. Guacamole and chips @ Rosa Mexicana (you can get guacamole a LOT of places, but the table-side, freshly made guac at this place will blow your mind!)
  6. Peanut Butter & Banana Toast @ Founding Farmers (anything on their breakfast/brunch menu is unhealthily delicious, but this shared plate is a definite winner!)
  7. Rigatoni Con Pollo E Vodka @ Filomena (The best Italian food; plus, this version of homemade penne a la vodka includes shiitake mushrooms and chicken breast slices on top!)
  8. Gnocchi @ il Canale (soooo good, I could eat a serving made for 3 people by myself; it’s mouthwateringly delicious and tastes great after trying one of their flatbread pizzas!)
  9. Steak Frites @ Le Diplomate (there’s no way you’re going here and NOT ordering this dish…so, that pretty much says it all!)
  10. Oak-Fired Prime Steak Burger @ BOURBON Steak (unreal burger, looks as good as it tastes people!) 
  11. Provence Roasted Chicken @ Fig and Olive (a light meal that tastes incredible, the sauce is bomb and it tastes eve more epic with a class of Miraval Rose!)
  12. Peacock Eggs Benedict @ Peacock Cafe (a great way to start your day is with this breakfast dish, goes great with a mimosa and a hangover, but seriously its a decadent dish you shouldn’t deny yourself!)
  13. Kotopoulo Youvetsi @ Zaytinya (a dish I will NEVER be able to pronounce, but doesn’t make it love it any less!)
  14.  Fried Chicken and Waffles @ Lincoln (this is a sick place for brunch; the music is dope, the atmosphere is super trendy and the food is unbelievable, this dish brings some southern swag to the nation’s capitol!) 
  15. Spicy Miso Ramen @ Daikaya (the best ramen in the city, for sure; a little spicy, but definitely worth the extra glasses of water you’ll need to finish the bowl!)
  16. Breakfast Pizza @ Graffiato (I would love to live in a world where pizza is acceptable at ALL times of day and this yummy dish makes that possible!)
  17. Black Cod @ Rasika (by far THE best dish on the menu, even if you’re not a fan of Indian food, I promise you’ll enjoy this entree!)
  18. Volcano Roll and Angry Zengo Roll @ ZENGO (an awesome combo of sushi rolls, both are too good to choose one over the other; also a great place to go for brunch as well as lunch and dinner!)
  19. Shrimp Mac and Cheese @ Co Co. Sala (the combination was shocking at first, but once I tasted it I was in heaven, this is the best mac and cheese I’ve had after four years in DC!) 
  20. Nobadeer Sandwich @ Jetties (if you love Thanksgiving, then you will LOVE this sandwich no doubt! It’s got turkey, cranberry sauce ANNNND stuffing….no words!)

So get out there and get eating because the clock is ticking (especially for us seniors in college!)


Enjoy! Comment below and let me know if you have any feedback or other food suggestions. I’m always down to try something new!!!!




  1. Arianna F · April 12, 2016

    I can totally relate to this! I feel like most of the time when I am eating it is not because I am hungry but just because I feel like eating – definitely more of a hobby haha. I have tried a lot of these dishes and I have to agree, they are some of the best that I have ever had in DC! As for the ones that I have not yet had, I’m going to try to fit as many of them in as I can before graduation!


  2. melissamogollon · April 12, 2016

    Wow–Mel, thank you for reminding me of the important things I should be focusing on before I leave this city. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this on my own. OF COURSE I AM GOING TO MISS ALL THE AMAZING FOOD HERE. I am stressed now. In a good way. Going to 100% start with that shrimp mac n cheese! Tasty post 🙂


  3. unecessaryroughness · April 12, 2016

    So far I have only had one of those items, but luckily I have two more years here to cross these off the list. Awesome post and my taste buds thank you for writing it!


  4. thomfusco · April 13, 2016

    THE PATATAS BRAVAS AT BOQUERIA ARE LIFE. I’m also a foodie and am shocked to see that I only recognized a few dishes on this list! I need to up my game! This is definitely a great spring board to give me a sense of what to order at restaurants I haven’t been to yet!


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