Our Instagram life Vs. Our real life

We are a part of a generation that constantly and thoroughly contemplates the following question…


To Instagram or not to Instagram, that is that question in 2016!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, but, in case you don’t know already, we are addicted to social media. I mean, some of us are more in need of technology rehab than others, but as a generation, we have a serious social media problem.


^side note: I don’t know who this guy is, but damn he’s cute and right!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can be brutally honest about my own social media habits. I am most definitely addicted to social media. I’m active on practically every platform out there and I live for it, love it and NEEEEEEEED it. I would love to be instafamous, I prefer my profile pictures to have at least 100 likes, I’m super anal and OCD about the appearance of my Instagram page and if my friends don’t think my snaps are funny, I’m just not doing my job right.


So yeah, kinda sounds like I would need an intervention, but before my friends and family lock me in a room somewhere, let me share what I learned from an intervention entitled:

Our Instagram Lives vs. Our Real Lives

Exhibit A)



Exhibit B)



Instagram makes it easy to create a fabulous life via photos and videos, but behind the posed photos…does your online life match your real one?

In most cases, I assume it doesn’t.

However, we must remember that the point of Instagram is basically to show people what you’re doing and how awesome our life is. So who the hell wants to show their followers the realities of dinner at a normal restaurant with food that isn’t Instagram-worthy or a boring movie night. Not me, that’s who.

Your Instagram should reflect the fabulous side of your life. You don’t need to be Kylie Jenner to so this because we all have something great to share. Oh and if you don’t, then do us all a favor and DO NOT share it.


Sorry to sound harsh, but the world of social media is tough and critiques from your followers will be even worse. Therefore, think carefully about what goes online because, and this is even harsher, everyone is judging you. It’s shitty, but true.

People be throwing shade left and right, you feel me?


Ways to avoid shade on Instagram:

  1. Don’t post gym selfies (unless it’s a one time thing and you look freaking UNREAL)
  2. We get it. You have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but STOP making them your #MCM or #WCW every week. That is way, way too much!
  3. Food Instagrams are amaze! However, unless your food looks impeccable and actually delicious, so like a 10/10, save yourself some time and just start eating.
  4. #OOTD is a popular hashtag, but unless your outfit is something WeWoreWhat’s Danielle Bernstein or SomethingNavy’s Arielle Charnas would wear, it’s probably not as chic and fabulous as you think.
  5. Never drunk post. Not a good idea. Plus, I promise you the image will look a lot different to you at 10 am than it did at 2:30 am.
  6.  Choose photos that look so good even you can’t believe you pulled off looking that artistic, cool, trendy, candid and fun.


^just a few tips to remember next time you go on Instagram.

Now, if you sit back and think about it. It’s rather comical how social media has taken over our lives. It’s actually sick how much time we spend on social media and how much time we spend creating content for our social media accounts. However crazy it may seem, it’s our generation’s reality.


^Yes, you tell them Big Ang!

Since there is so much hype surrounding social media, especially Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up and loose all sense of reality. It’s happened to me, like a few times. HA!


But just remember, reality continues to exist whether the Instagram is good or bad. So relax. Keep up your social media accounts, but don’t loose sense of the world right in front of you.

AKA, your friend who vows never to have dinner with you again because all you did was take pictures of the food and spend the meal editing it and thinking of captions. Don’t be this person!

Now, let’s discuss what separates our Instagram lives from our real lives! 


Instagram: You’re look trendy in a super casual and candid pic and tagged the location at the famous street or fabulous city you’re in. The background looks awesome, but your outfit is even better!!

Reality: You’re probably on vacation in LA and asked your mom to take this photo. It took 15 mins and you took about 100 photos in different poses. You actually posed yourself for this supposedly candid photo and stopped traffic by yelling at people not to disrupt the photoshoot you’re having with your mother.


Instagram: Delicious food, perfectly placed with awesome lighting and a glimpse of designer sunglasses or a Chanel bag in the background or on the sidelines (just for that little extra something!) Of course, you only upload food from the most bouji restaurants in town. God forbid you post the pancakes from IHOP!

Reality: The food came and you made the whole table wait five mins to eat their hot food so you could snap about 10 different photos. Prior to actually taking the photo, you moved all the plates around, removed ugly napkins, placed your accessory of choice in the shot and asked everyone to remove their hands from the image. Congrats, the food is cold, but you got a decent shot.


Instagram: You and your best friend at a music festival. Your outfits are Coachella-chic, the backdrop is the concert and you both happen to be laughing and smiling sweetly to the other.

Reality: You and your bestie placed yourself in that position. You started smiling and had a stranger or a friend take like 5 photos. You looked at them and decided smiling wasn’t going to cut it for the Instagram so you had your iPhone/camera back to your “photographer.” The instructions you give him or her, “We wanna look candid. So, like, take a bunch of us laughing and stuff.” Awesome strategy. Completely defeats the purpose of being candid, but we do it and honestly, we do it well.


Those are just of view of my favorite Instagram vs. real life moments. But really, this video sums it all up. 

^this is real life people!

All I have to say is keep doing what you’re doing, as long as it abides by the above rules, of course! But seriously, I’m not saying to get off social media. I’m saying stay on it, stay active and post better, haha! It’s a judgmental world out there so make sure you’re doing social media right. You may think that’s not a thing, but it totally is a thing in 2016. 

Good luck!!

Oh and if you wanna judge me…go right ahead. Follow me on Instagram: @melyssagranat




  1. Jay Colby · March 23, 2016

    I enjoyed your post if you have some free time check out my site



  2. beckyrosecarver · March 24, 2016

    Love this.. Good read x


  3. Kyle Kerchaert · March 30, 2016

    Major props to this post! It’s like everything I’ve wanted to put into words. I endorse your content guidelines 1000000%. The gifs and video really made me life. I am constantly analyzing people’s posts, wondering everything that went into that shot-who took it, how it may have looked to passerbys, etc. It was fun and refreshing to read something sharing this perspective!


  4. Arianna F · March 30, 2016

    Haha this is way too accurate!!! Ugh, actually reading it makes it sound so sad. To Instagram or not to Instagram, that is seriously the question of our generation – truer words have never been spoken. I also admit that I have a serious addiction to my social media accounts, especially my Instagram. If being Instafamous was a realistic goal to be setting for myself, it would seriously be my dream job. All of this talk about the new Instagram update though is making me VERY nervous. I am hoping that it wont be as bad as people are making it out to be or that they will just decide to not do the update at all. In the meantime, I have followed all of my favorite celebs on Snapchat to make sure that I wont miss out on any of the action (told you I’m addicted). Popsugar has a great list of the best Snapchats to follow.


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