Bucket List SZN

A lot people look forward to spring because it’s officially DARTY SEASON, or SZN, if you want to be super cool.


^ because is it even a Darty if you aren’t drinking straight from the bottle?



So yes, it is the infamous Darty season, but that’s not the season I wish to discuss.

The SZN I’m thinking about affects all my fellow college seniors:

Bucket List SZN!!!!!!!


However cliche or basic you may think a bucket list is, it is still something I highly recommend you all making…

Like right now.


This is your last semester, the final round…the countdown has begun people!!


Graduation is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean the fun should STOP. In fact, it means you should take this time to raise the fun factor to new heights!


^Ayyyy, I mean that’s one way to raise the bar Tina!

There is not a day that I log onto Facebook and don’t see a friend sharing a sappy, we’re graduating, time to do things article on another friend’s wall.


I see like 10 everyday…is my point. I’ve also read a few of these and checked out what all the hype is about. Some articles are too sappy, some are too focused on the future, but this post is about the NOW.


We are living in the now and yes it’s suuuuuper easy to stress about tomorrow, about getting a job, about making money, about finding a boyfriend, but don’t because that’ll just ruin this special time.


Never again will you be a college student, living this carefree crazy life. Sorry if that’s blunt, but it’s the truth and it’s the reason we must make the best of this  last semester.

These may be the last few months, but we can make them THE BEST.


^If anyone knows about living life to the fullest, it’s this guy right here!

After reading article after article, I compiled the ultimate bucket list. It’ll have you screaming, “We the best,” by commencement! 


Soooooo…here it is


Senior Year Bucket List:



  1. Pull an all-nighter and watch the sunrise
  2. Go on a road trip with your best friends
  3. Go on a date (yes, like a real date!)
  4. Tell your favorite professor about the impact they’ve had on you
  5. Pull a “Senior Skip” day
  6. Create a time capsule with your friends and bury it somewhere around campus
  7. Go to a game for a sport you’ve never seen
  8. Tell a crush (past or present) your feelings for him or her
  9. Pull a senior prank (make it good people!)
  10. Volunteer somewhere local (it feels good to give back!)
  11. Host a dinner party and actually cook all the food with your friends (fun and delicious!)
  12.  Complete the Philly cheesesteak challenge (leave school at the beginning of the day, drive to Philly, buy a Philly cheesesteak and get back to campus before class ends)
  13. Start a journal (what better time than now to document these amazing few months!)
  14. Switch up your exercise regime (try a spin class, run a marathon, take a boxing class, walk around your college town, etc)
  15. Go streaking
  16. Complete a power hour
  17. Protest something
  18. Finish that TV series you’ve been meaning to start (binge watching!!)
  19. Revisit your favorite frat/sorority house from freshman year
  20. Go on a bar crawl with your freshman year roomies
  21. Die your hair (or at least part of your head) a fun color (shake things up!)
  22. Visit your friend at another college (come on, you’ve been trying to do it since freshman year!)
  23. Attend a Ted Talk on campus
  24. Make the most creative and cool graduation cap EVER!
  25. Create your own signature drink!


That’s right, there is! There is still PLENTY of time for activities.

Those are just 25 freaking awesome things to do, but don’t just take MY word. Come up with your own list. Sit down with you friends and settle on AT LEAST 20 to-do, immediately, items. 

You’ll have plenty of fun just being with your friends, laughing your way through the creation of the list. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’ll be awesome knowing that whenever you guys are bored or have some free time, you can simply turn to the list and look for the next item to get a check mark. 



  1. wintersjacqueline · March 7, 2016

    The Philly cheesesteak challenge (leave school at the beginning of the day, drive to Philly, buy a Philly cheesesteak and get back to campus before class ends) sounds amazing. I completed visiting one of my best friends at Notre Dame just recently and some of my best friends came to visit me two weekends ago, completing challenge 22. I’ve been working on Parks and Rec for about a year now, and I plan on finishing the series before I graduate. Many of these made me laugh; thanks for sharing!


  2. Arianna F · March 7, 2016

    I love this and it is so so true! As much anxiety as the thought of this gives me, it is definitely a must to create a two-months-away-from-graduating bucket list. I am so excited to decorate my graduation cap! I’ve actually been thinking recently about how I’m going to do it. Also one thing that’s on my bucket list is to revisit Thurston. It’s so gross in there but I think it would be so funny to go back!


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