The Hangover You Never Want, But Always Have

Hangover [hang-oh-ver]:



the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness
HOWEVER, my all-time favorite definition comes from none other than, Urban Dictionary:
“Nausea and headaches often caused by way too much fucking alcohol.
Can be identified by the ashtray in ones mouth,the vomit on last nights clothes,the want to never drink or eat again,the great dislike of sunlight, the undesirealbe urge to apologise to all the people you spent the night with, the stranger in your bed and need for a glass of water and many many aspirin.”
^ Get it Jack Black!

Damn, hangovers man.



It’s like, you start to wonder, uhh…is there anything worse than a hangover? I’m going to go with yes, but in the world of a college student, nah betch! The hangover is the enemy, but it’s the enemy you invite in your bed every night and wake up to every morning.



Now replace this random dude with a headache, nausea and god knows what else, and you got yourself a hangover.


Let’s be real; the hangover sucks. Ain’t nothing good about it, except the fact it probably means you had one hell of a night. Maybe you even danced to this jam before pounding and throbbing head pain kicked in this morning…


Hangover: 1 Me: 0

^says every college student AT LEAST once a weekend (and since a weekend in college is basically everyday but Sunday and Monday, you’re having like 3 hangovers a week!) Awesome.


Waking up with a hangover, reminds me of myself when I’m watching a horror movie. I know something scary is coming, but for some reason I gotta open my eyes and face it, even if just for a split second.


In other words, I know I drank a lot last night and the hangover is definitely going to kick in the second my eyes meet the light. But for some stupid reason, I’m going to open my eyes and IMMEDIATELY get slapped with a migraine, possible vomit and an inability to move. 


The struggle bus IS real people.

And a hangover makes you the freakin’ driver of the struggle bus…

Sounds great!


^cause having a hangover also makes you a complete and utter Trainwreck.

The problem is we all know what it’s like to have the hangover, but many of us have NO IDEA how to cure the hangover.


Over the years I’ve compiled a mental list of all the things my friends and I have used to get our sh**t together and end the hangover as quickly as possible. 


Super embarrassing to admit, but I am damn sure there have been mornings where my hangover looked like this #smh



  1. Water (endless amounts of waaaaaaater)                                                                      giphy-11.gif
  2. Coffee (sounds crazy, but I am a migraine sufferer and the caffeine actually helps to break up the capillaries, boom boom!)       giphy-13.gif
  3. Advil (always be stocked, you’ll go through the bottle faster than you think!)                         giphy-14.gif
  4. Cold Compress (yeah, baby! just go ahead and lay that right on your pounding head!) giphy-15                       
  5. FOOD! (when the nausea goes away, or least calms down, you gotta eat!)giphy-16.gif
  6. More sleep (let’s be honest, you went to bed at 4 am, you walk up to the hangover at 9 am, get back to bed ‘cuz you are NOT ready to face the day!)

    You tell em, boo!


Those are some essentials when it comes to hangover cures. I would suggest trying all of them at once because, most likely, just one ain’t gonna cut it.

Putting them all together will hopefully lead to you saying…


Just Remember:

***Water + Food + Advil + Coffee + Sleep and a Cold Compress***


The Cure to the Hangover

…that needs to end, but will probably happen at least 2 more times this week!



Celebrate, cause you cured!!!!!!




  1. shitwedont · February 29, 2016

    Really funny post! Definitely very easy to relate. I liked the use of gifs and pictures and the funny language of the post all around. As for the recommendations to get rid of the hangover, I’m definitely one to sleep it off.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Student Scoop · March 1, 2016

    This post was hilarious! Your super witty language and silly gifs made this post great. Now that we’re all getting older, I’m finally able to understand why people complain about hangovers so much – no bueno. Unfortunately I always think I can be productive the day after a night out – so I normally stick with water & coffee (if I can stomach it). I’ll have to try some of your other tips next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. nataliemaher (@nataliemaher_) · March 2, 2016

    Hahaha I love this. Great start with the definition and great bulk with the comprehensive list for a cure. And you’re right about the coffee–I used to be super reluctant to drink any when I was hungover, but I’ve come to terms with how helpful it is. Also I love all the gifs

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Eleni · March 2, 2016

    I was laughing the entire time reading this, because of how REAL it is! I’d have to say my #1 cure is to just try to sleep it off, which usually works. That, and always have water ready for when you get back because i think i read somewhere that if you drink water while drinking, the hangover wont be as bad. Also loved all your gifs! great job!


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